Pocketing Fabric

Pocketing Fabric
Pocketing Fabric

Pocketing Fabrics For Jeans Pocket

Pocketing Fabric

Pants Pocket Lining Fabric

Pocketing Fabric

Dyeing Printed Fabric

Pocketing Fabric
Pocketing Fabric
  • White Print
  • Dyeing Print
  • Off White Print
  • Twill Off White Print
  • Bloch Print


Mahaveer Fabric is one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of 30’s p.c. & 45’s p.c. pocketing like Black,White, off White, Print, Shambray Print, Dyeing, Dyeing Print under leadership of its Promoter Mr. Sureshkumar Lalwani, the team of specialist craftsmen has given the best of Indian Pocketing products to suit the ever changing lifestyle.


We have proved our domain excellence by performing every activity to the best of our capabilities. Some other factors that enable us to earn the trust of our valued clients are as follows.

  • Ethical business practices
  • Transparent deals
  • Proficient core experts
  • Maximum quality
  • Reasonable prices
  • Prompt delivery